Admission to the 1st Africa Rover Moot is through organized National Contingents. To aid facilitate registration and estaba clear line of centralized communication each NSO is required to nominate a Head of Contingent who will act as the contact person of relative NSOs. in this page you will find resources to help you prepare and register for the Africa Rover Moot.

Download Intent to Participate Form and Appointment of Head of Contingent Form. Fully filled forms should be submitted to


Find the progressive developments gearing up to the maiden event on our Bulletins here. Get to see the Moot Villages and other exciting news about the Rover Moot.

The Moot Branding guideline is used to draw a clear image on the Rover Moot media and graphic restrictions so as to maintain a consistent Brand image in use of the media assets of the 1st Africa Rover Moot.

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